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Pubg4Nepal is an online platform where every player can have the opportunity to become better playing besides some of the best players while being rewarded for their skills.

Our Story

We are a group of passionate gamers, web-developers, marketers, designers, streamers, and community builders, all on a mission to make it possible for the beginners or amateurs to play beside pro gamers in competitive gaming. 

We believe every gamer should get an opportunity to improve their gaming skills by playing with pro gamers while being rewarded for their skills.

We started our journey as a novice playing the game. Season by season, the love for the game was reaching a new height but our gameplay was getting better slowly. Although we loved the game, we didn't get to play much. We used to play after office hours or late nights or on holidays. The whole thing changed during lockdown due to COVID - 19 Corona virus outbreak all over the world when people had to stay at home and practise social distancing in order to protect themselves from getting infected. During the lockdown, most people turned over to their hobbies and one of them had to be gaming. We decided to develop a platform for the pubg lovers to join and play with other players from Nepal. That way, the beginners were to play along with good players and improve their gameplay through competitive gaming. Not only the players would improve their gameplay but would get an opportunity to win prizes through their skills. 

Now, playing pubg is no more time-wasting. 

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Pubg4Nepal is an online platform which hosts single matches and tournaments for PUBG players where they can join with other players from the country and win big prizes.
It is very easy to be a part of the epic matches and tournament hosted by Pubg4Nepal and win big prizes. Register with your email address and then login to browse through all the matches and tournaments to participate.
To participate in premium matches or tournaments, an entry fee is applicable which can be paid in the form of credits that you can purchase through different payment options.
After you win a match or tournament, you will get credits of the same amount of prize money which you can withdraw anytime using the widthdrawal method you save in your profile.
After you participate in a match or tournament, Room ID and password (for PUBG mobile) are available in the "My Matches" section. Scroll down to the match you have participated recently and look for Room ID and password which will be available 30 minutes before the match starts. Also, you will get an email regarding the Room ID and password. Make sure you join the room within 30 minutes before the match start time.
There can be several reasons why you get kicked out from the room even after you participated succesfully for that match, some of which are as follows :-
-> The PUBG username in your Pubg4Nepal profile did not match with the username you tried to join the match so our filtering team did not recognize you.
-> You invited unregistered friends to the room.
-> You kept changing your position in the room instead of staying in the given slot or position.
-> You tried to use Emulator to play in Non-Emulator matches.
Please go through the match rules before you participate in any match or tournament.